Within one month of the date that the competition results are announced, authors of seven (7) best projects will be awarded the following prizes:

  • 1st prize – 17,000 USD;
  • 2nd prize – 12,000 USD;
  • 3rd prize – 7,000 USD;
  • 4 runner-up prizes, at 3,000 USD each.
Authors of seven (7) best proposals will also receive an honorarium for submitting materials for the exhibition in the amount of 3,000 USD each, within one month of receipt of exhibition materials by the Promoter.


All competition projects with the names of their authors, including those disqualified, will be published on the competition website within two weeks of the announcement of the competition results, together with a copy of minutes signed by the jury.

Seven (7) best competition entries will be displayed at the concluding exhibition in Kyiv.