Step 1
Registration form

Author/Team Leader
Mailing Address for the author/team leader

Step 2
Email verification


Step 3
Registration payment

Registration fee (US $ 35.0) can be paid through the LiqPay payment system or by wire transfer to the bank account. Wire instructions will become available after submitting the registration code.


Registration Period:

Dec. 25, 2015 - Mar. 31, 2016

Registration fee: US $35,0

Each participant or team of participants must register before the specified deadline using the registration form found on this page of the official website of the competition, choose a unique alphanumeric registration code, and pay the registration fee.

The effective date and time of the registration will correspond to the date and time at which the payment of the registration fee is completed, as determined by the message received by the Promoter from the payment system.

Teams cannot replace/exclude the team leader or team members after the registration form has been submitted.

If registered competition participants wish to change the leader or members of the design team, they have to register anew and pay the registration fee.

Contact information for a registered competition participant (or a team of participants) entered in the registration form that was submitted on the website can be changed, with the change noted in the Declaration of Authorship.